Our Beginnings

Many years ago (think 1999), Pastor Paul and Wanna had an incredible desire and ambitious dream to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to plant a new church in the Greater Toronto Area. As it turns out, their story of church planting has developed into much more than they could have ever hoped for or dared to dream; All because our God is good and faithful.

Even before the church officially launched, the team that had assembled with Pastor Paul and Wanna spent countless hours and weekends praying, planning and working on their musicianship. All in the comfort of their basement. To this day, we are convinced that God caused the neighbours to not call the police on us for all the noise we made.

Shortly after this period of preparation, Willowdale held its first service in April 2000 in a hotel conference room. Everyone involved was filled with excitement as to what God was going to do. We were young(er) and inexperienced in planting a church but when God is for you, really, who can be against you? As the church grew in numbers, God led us to other physical locations to minister in the community. There was the meeting place at the Seneca College Residences. There was the industrial building at Gordon Baker Road. And finally, our current home in the heart of Toronto (Willowdale) at 172 Drewry Avenue.

Everything there is to “do” about church, Willowdale has “done” it. We've had summer retreats and special worship and healing services. Special guest speakers have come and gone. Baptisms take place all year round. The summer months afford plenty of opportunities to hold church picnics and good ol' Canadian BBQs. We’ve done Autumn festivals, Christmas banquets, Easter luncheons… we’ve even celebrated Hannukah and Passover Sedar services. And yet, here we are. Present day at Willowdale. To get a true glimpse of who we are, we present to you a few options:

Read our Pastor's welcome message

Watch/listen to our services online at Willowdale.tv

Visit us in person (you know, not just in spirit). Have a look at our schedule and have the freedom to choose when you want to drop in. We would love to meet you.

Our prayer is that you will experience the love and freedom that Jesus Christ gives through a relationship with Him. It doesn't have to be at Willowdale but obviously, we're a little bias. If you do decide to drop in, we know that you will have a genuine encounter with God.

Be blessed!