A calling and a big dream.


Many years ago (think 1999), Pastor Paul and Wanna had an incredible desire and ambitious dream to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to plant a new church in the Greater Toronto Area. As it turns out, their story of church planting has developed into much more than they could have ever hoped for or dared to dream; All because our God is good and faithful.

After a period of preparation in prayer, learning music and doing life together, Willowdale held its first service in April 2000 in a hotel conference room. Everyone involved was filled with excitement as to what God was going to do. We were young(er) and inexperienced in planting a church but when God is for you, really, who can be against you? As the church grew in numbers, God led us to other physical locations to minister in the community. Our current home in the heart of Toronto (Willowdale) at 172 Drewry Avenue.


Our journey...

Prayer, planning, partying.

Planting a church together - 1999

WCCA is launched!

First service held Easter weekend - 2000

Move to Seneca College

Services held in their Newham Campus Residences - 2001

Move to Gordon Baker Road

Services held in an industrial neighbourhood - 2003

Celebrating 5 years

A short journey so far but so rewarding already - 2005

Move to current location

In the hear to Toronto! - 2007

10 Year Anniversary

It was a year long celebration. Hope you were here for it! - 2010

20 Year Anniversary

Quietly celebrating during a global pandemic - 2020

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